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Dear Visitor,

Thank You for visiting our site. We hope you find the contents useful and worth reading.

Here are a few Terms and Conditions that we expect to be adhered to by the visitors of this site:

  1. All the text, images, resources belong to the owners of Writer’s Pad.  No one can use or reproduce any of the contents without their prior and written consent.
  2. Writer’s Pad uses the content which is solely its own. In case the owner of the content is different from Writer’s Pad, due credit shall be given.
  3. The content shared by the writers are solely theirs and are checked for any copyright issues. But in case of any violation, as the disclaimer suggests, appropriate action shall be taken against them.
  4. In case you are using any of the information provided in this site, please be diligent and use the reference material before putting them in practice.
  5. As a policy, we do not link to products/services for promotional purposes. Any  link if provided is for reference only.
  6. Our contact details can be had by filling up the contact form or sending a mail to us at writerspad@yahoo.com.
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