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Myths Of Time Management

Time management is one of the most commonly used term in people and resource management. Though supposed to be easily understood and widely used, time management is still a vague concept for many and risks being misinterpreted. Let us look at some of the common misconceptions about time management.

1. Packing everything in.
It is not humanely possible to finish all possible tasks in the given time just by working a little more harder. One has to recognize and acknowledge the limitations and capabilities and set targets accordingly.

2. Working for longer hours.
Working long hours is actually proven to be counter-productive in most of the cases. Often we find employees staying back in office for extended hours and then turning up late the next day. Lack of balance in work and personal life, longer working hours leads to increased stress and exhaustion.

3. Hurrying up
Hurrying up to finish tasks may turn out to be a more expensive deal than taking your time and finishing the tasks with due care and diligence. There are more chances of errors popping up and time being consumed to correct them.

Time management needs to be learned and practiced in order to yield results. Staying clear of these misconceptions and understanding the underlying principles would help you in being organized and meeting deadlines with success.


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Maintaining The Right Work-Life Balance

Wake up at 6, go to work by 10, stay in office till 9, get home and go to sleep. Though it  may sound slightly exaggerated, we can’t deny that our lives have been reduced to the monotony of a rat race. As much as we may hate to admit it, it’s a material world and we are all material people. Don’t agree? When was the last time you actually sat watching it rain outside?

Writer’s Pad endeavors to find ways to help you breathe without slacking off…




Figure out which things are the most important to you in life. Often times we think the most urgent things are the most important ones, but it’s not so. After you have set your priorities, try devoting more time to those things that are important to you.


Time Management– Every Day

Plan out your day the night before, allotting specific slots to all the things that you need to do, which includes spending time with your family as well as pampering yourself a bit.


Time Management- Long Term

Make an Excel spreadsheet for yourself recording all the things you have promised to do in a few months’ time. This includes going for a vacation, going to your child’s function, and other family engagements. This way you’ll know which days you will be unavailable for work and manage your work accordingly.




Exercise is not only good for your body but also for your mind. Even a 15 minutes jog every morning will energize you and rejuvenate you from the previous day’s exertions.


Me Time

Apart from all this, take out some time for something that you love to do, like a hobby. If you love to paint then take out some time for it everyday. It’ll help clear your mind and refresh you.


Have realistic goals

You are a human being and not even the most annoying boss in the world would expect you to do superhuman tasks. So don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. When you do your work, do it religiously and when you don’t, well do that religiously too.


 Take a break

Sometimes when there’s too much of pressure, we all experience ‘mental block’. When this happens, take a break, have some coffee or some chocolate. Or just meditate or listen to some relaxing music or simply stare blankly out of the window for sometime. The same advice counts for anxiety and tension.



Why are you working anyway? To give a happy life to yourself and your family. Now if you stay so immersed in work and never make time for yourself or the relationships you have nurtured all life, the entire purpose will stand defeated. In our world where time is always a precious commodity, probably the perfect work-life-balance is not even possible to achieve. But you can at least set your priorities right and devote time accordingly. After all, it is a short life we have got.

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