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Choosing the Right Bag

A bag is an ultimate accessory to a woman’s ensemble. A bag is also a woman’s confidante when she is out in the streets. A good style is when fashion and function amalgamate. You may have a parade of bags lined up in your closet, but do you know when to use them? Writer’s Pad brings you a list of five standard types and their functions….


Tote Bag

The term ‘tote’ means ‘to carry’ and that’s exactly what these bags do. Generally made of sturdy canvas or leather materials, totes will hold anything that you throw in them unless overloaded beyond capacity. Totes are mostly unfastened bags, have sturdy parallel handles and a single spacious compartment.

Shoulder bags

As the name suggests, shoulder bags are bags with medium length straps and are hung over the shoulder. These mostly have two to three compartments with one compartment larger than the rest.

Gucci women’s shoulder bag (

Sling bags

Very chic and stylish, a sling bag has a long strap that goes over one shoulder and rests on the chest. These bags are not too big or spacious but are perfect for a girl’s day out.

3 Mad chicks sling bag (

Clutch bags

The quintessential party companion, clutch bags are nifty strapless bags small enough to be carried in hand. Clutch bags have just enough space to hold bare necessities like money, cards and touch-up articles.

Chanel classic quilted clutch bag (

Hand bags

A hand bag is smaller than a shoulder bag but much larger than a clutch. Hand bags are supposed to be carried by the wrist and are best suited for a normal day at office.

Louis Vuitton handbag (

So now you know when confiding in which bag will up the ante of your outfit. Wherever you maybe, a woman always needs some one to watch her back. Your bag is your most faithful friend, and it knows how to keep a secret.


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Table Lamps For Setting Up The Right Mood

The right kind of lighting is essential for setting up the mood of a room. If the lighting is too bright then the room will look stark and if it’s too dim, it’ll look gloomy. Table lamps make your rooms look warm and inviting, especially when used in bedrooms. Fortunately for us, now we have a plethora of designs for table lamps to choose from. Read on to learn about the various types…

Contemporary Table Lamps

If your bedroom is furnished with modern and arty furniture then sleek, contemporary table lamps should be your pick. These lamps are devoid of elaborate carvings but have a futuristic appeal. The shades are plain and essentially utilitarian and the lamp fixtures come in refreshing geometric patterns.

contemporary table lamp (

Traditional Table Lamps

True to its name, traditional table lamps fit perfectly in rooms furnished with traditional wooden and majestic furniture with elaborate designs. The fixture of these lamps show ornate artwork with dexterous carvings and the shades are stylized too.

traditional table lamp (

Transitional Table Lamps

Not too modern yet not too orthodox, transitional table lamps are somewhere in between. Porcelain fixtures and perforated shades fall under this category.

transitional table lamp (

Tiffany Lamps

These lamps have glass shades made with glass designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany’ glass studio and come in beautiful, alluring designs. The fixtures are also elaborately adorned.

Tiffany table lamp (

These are the basic classifications when it comes to table lamps, but as mentioned earlier, there’s a plethora of designs to choose from even under these categories. So get your beau and get the table lamp of your dreams for your room.

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10 Best Rakhi Gift Ideas

Rakshabandhan or Rakhi is the celebration of one of the purest and innocent of relationships – the relationship between a brother and a sister. They have grown up together, they have laughed together, they have been through so much together; they fight, they crib, but they’d leap before the bullet to save one another. They have a unique place in each other’s heart that no one else can ever take. So Writer’s Pad thought of digging a little into the ways brothers can make their sisters feel special on this auspicious day.

A box of chocolates:

Women indulge in chocolates and no matter how old your sister gets she’ll always love them. Some companies compile special packs of assorted chocolates exclusively for Rakhi, so make the right choice and get the best one for her.

Box of assorted chocolates (

Wrist watch:

Along with being a necessity watches make for great fashion statements and girls know that very well. Irrespective of your sister’s age, a watch will always make a good gift. But make sure to choose the right one – if she’s in college then give her something trendy, if she’s working then she’d prefer something a bit more classy.

a lovely wrist watch for your lovely sister (

Designer gift:

All girls without exception love labels. Period. If you can afford it then this can be a really great idea. A designer saree, salwar suit, dress, shoes or bag is enough to warm the cockles of her heart.

Designer heels for your sister (


A perfume is a great gift to make someone happy. If you can afford, then get a perfume with designer label for your sister. Something like Burberry or Bvlgari.

Luxury perfume for your sister (

Spa Hamper:

Your sister spends quite some of her time and money in the spa or the salon. So why not give her something that would enable her to do some of the beauty treatment in the comfort of home? A spa hamper is an ultimate collection of aromatherapy goodies and comes in an  attractive treasure box.

spa hamper (

Memories collage

If you are looking for something more personal, here’s an idea. Collect childhood photographs of your sister and yourself, scan them, design a collage, then get it printed and laminated. You can add a special message or an original poem and this can be your unique personalized card!

a memories collage (

Sponsor a trip

Gift your sister a vacation! Arrange for flights, hotels, fun activities and other things from before hand. To make it more fun, don’t tell her about the arrangements that you’ve made. Just give her the ticket and send her off. Have someone from the hotel pick her up from the airport/ station and get them to give her letters from you everyday, telling her about the day’s plan. She’ll love you eternally for such a great and thoughtful gift.

Sponsor a trip for your sister (

Monogrammed gift

A purse, a jewellery box, watch case or even a journal … a monogram of her intials can make all the difference. If she’s about to get married, then a gift with the monogram of her new initials will totally ‘wow’ her.

monogrammed jewellery box (

Plan a sister-and-you day

Plan a day of activities for the two of you and ONLY the two of you and relive those brother-sister moments of childhood.

Relive those days of childhood (

Gift according to hobby

If she loves music, gift her a music concert pass. If she plays an instrument, buy her a new and better version of it. If she loves books, get her the latest book by her favourite author. To make this more special, you can get limited edition things. For example a limited edition guitar or in case of books, may be a rare, out of print edition or a manuscript if you can manage.

Limited edition book (

Not everyone gets to be a part of this auspicious occasion. Not everyone has a brother or sister. If you’re one of the lucky ones, then cherish this beautiful relationship and celebrate this exclusive festival in the best way possible.

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Outdoor Furniture and Accessories

There are times when we feel like getting out of the confining comforts of our rooms and spending an hour or two in our garden, in the lap of nature. This is where outdoor furniture comes into play. Since we cannot literally relax in Nature’s lap, we have to seek assistance of certain furniture to maximize our backyard enjoyment. Here’s a list of the outdoor accessories that you should consider for your backyard….

Patio Table and Chairs:           

Having a patio table-chair set will let you enjoy the fruits of nature, in the nature. You can have your food, tea or even play a board or card game on the table while sitting back comfortably on the chair, placed somewhere in the middle of greenery.

Patio table-chair set (


A breezy lazy Sunday is the perfect day to spend in your hammock. There are two types of hammock – one where you need to hang it yourself and another that stands freely. Read a book or listen to a relaxing music, you’d be asleep in the arms of Nature before you know it; such is the magic of a hammock.

A standing garden hammock (

Lounge chair:

If hammock is not your thing then a garden lounge chair is a good option. You can lie back and relax and still be ‘rooted’!

Garden lounge chair (


Swing is childhood favourite for most of us. A small garden swing can be the best way to unwind from the day plus it is sure to be a hit with your family’s little ones.

Bench swing (


This is an essential outdoor accessory, especially if you don’t have a covered porch. A parasol or garden umbrella will provide shade from excessive sun as well as protection from water loaded clouds as and when they appear. It will also create a sheltered area for you to have your food and drinks. Most of the times, parasols come with patio table and chairs.

parasol (

So go on then, accessorize your garden or backyard with these outdoor furniture pieces and you won’t even have to go outside for a dinner date.

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Ideas For Modern Nursery

Your baby means the world to you and you want to give him/her the best things in the world. Since the nursery will be the place where your baby will spend his/her infanthood, you can start by giving your baby a beautiful nursery. Let Writer’s Pad be your guiding light…

a modern nursery (

The Crib
The crib will be the focal point of the nursery as well as where your child will be spending most of the time. Choose a crib with vertical slats as that will prevent the baby from climbing out of the crib on its own. Do take note of the gaps between the slats, if they are too wide apart your baby’s head may get stuck into it.

Crib Mattresses
A crib mattress, waterproof mattress pad, bumper pads and crib sheets are the essentials that you’ll need to get for the crib. You can also decorate the crib with crib skirts.

Changing table
Place a changing table near the crib so that you don’t have to carry your baby across the room when he/she makes liquid accidents. Place a shelf near the changing table and stock it up with ample diapers, blankets, a couple of sleeping sacks and maybe a nursing pillow. Also, don’t forget to keep a basket near the table for easy diaper disposal.

A Chair
Place a comfortable chair in the room where you can sit and relax and nurse your baby. You can place it near the window if you please.

check-patterned wall paint (

Wall paint
If you’re unaware of your baby’s gender then it’s best to go for neutral colours like cream, beige and pale green, otherwise the quintessential colour for girls is pink while for boys it’s blue. You can try blocks, stripes and other patterns on the wall instead of sticking to plain solid colours.

Your baby will spend most of the time lying on its back, so why not decorate the ceiling too? Paint the ceiling in patterns and hang mobiles above the crib. Some mobiles even play soothing music as they rotate, so buy accordingly.

It’s better to switch off all the lights in the room once the baby is asleep, but you can install dim lights or night lights.


baby mobile (

A few other things that you’ll need are – a toy basket to keep all the toys, a complementing rug for the room, blinds for the window so that your baby gets to sleep peacefully in the morning as well and perhaps a baby monitor.

Well, that’s about it. It’s true that your baby won’t understand if the rug or curtains don’t match the room but colours and visuals always have an effect on babies. By giving your baby a beautiful nursery, you’ll give him/her a beautiful environment to grow up in and which parent doesn’t want that? Besides a pretty nursery room will also keep you in a good mood.

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10 Must Have Travel Accessories

So you have packed your luggage and think you’re ready to leave the moment your car arrives. But are you? Writer’s Pad brings you a check list of 10 things without which you wouldn’t want to dare to leave for a trip.

1. Cell Phone:
This is a bit obvious and you probably won’t forget to take it but let us remind you of its advantages one more time. Besides being your aid to contact people, your cell phone has an alarm clock, a few personal entertainment features and lots of music, thus allowing you to chuck two or three additional devices.

2. Emergency Mobile Charger:

emergency mobile charger (

If your cell phone is your best travel friend, then the emergency mobile charger should be your guardian angel! It uses standard AAA batteries and usually gives about 40 to 60 minutes of talk time with some four hours of standby time.

3. Travel Towel:
Made of super absorbent material, travel towels dry easily and don’t weigh much whether dry or wet. Besides you can fold it to fit your pocket.

4. Money Belt:
It is not particularly clever to travel with a lot of cash in your wallet, especially in crowded areas. Thus, wearing a money belt underneath your clothes is the safest way. You can also keep your credit cards, passport and important documents like permits in your money belt.

5. Lonely Planet:
The mother of all travel magazines, make sure to carry a copy of Lonely Planet with you.

6. Ziploc Bags:
These can be very handy as they let you pack your things in a sorted, organized manner. Pack your toiletries in one, your camera, charger, etc. in another and so on and so forth. This will help you to find your things quickly and easily.

7. Medication:
A must MUST have! No matter where you’re going, keep a medicine for every common health problem that may arise – headache, fever, nausea, indigestion… everything. Also don’t forget to carry a few band-aids, antiseptic ointments and pain relief spray.


Medicine kit for travelling (



8. Combination Locks:
Combination locks are more convenient than the usual locks since you don’t have to keep track of the keys. Use one on every baggage to prevent pick-pocket.

9. Hand Sanitizer
 A small bottle of hand sanitizer can be very helpful at times. If you have traveled before, then you’ll know what I’m talking about!

10. Swiss Army Knife:

Swiss Army Knife (

For safety, for emergency… the Swiss Army Knife has always been a traveler’s friend. Swiss Army knives come with screw drivers, nail files, knives, corkscrew, scissors….all that you may need in times of emergency. Some newer models also come with USB drives and LED torches.
Along with these, there are two other things that you should never forget to carry – a digital camera and a map. The pictures that you’ll take will last you a lifetime and serve as memories and an unambiguous, detailed map of your destination will help you find your way around the place.

Now you have an entire check list of the things without which your packing cannot be complete. What are you waiting for then? Throw in the things that you missed and Get, Set, Go!

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Monsoon Fashion – Do’s and Don’ts


It’s July and while Monsoon has hit some parts of the country, other parts still await its arrival eagerly. But it’s never too soon to stock up your wardrobe with fashion items that you’ll need this season. Writer’s Pad brings you a set of Do’s and Don’ts of Monsoon Fashion…


Stay away from knits and linen since they tend to stick to the skin. Denim, once wet tends to stay wet for a long time, so if u cannot avoid wearing it, try not to get it wet.

Leather is an absolute no-no! The moist and humid weather aided with the mud water will kill your leather.

Don’t wear light coloured clothes, especially for the bottom. These will get stained by the mud and dirt. Besides light coloured materials become transparent when wet.

Don’t add on to the gloom of grey clouds by wearing dull colours. Think bright!


Designer Deepika Govind suggests wearing high quality cotton and natural fabrics like bamboo fibre in Monsoon. Crepe silk and gabardine can be considered too since they bounce of water.

Who said rain coats aren’t trendy? Check out the rainwear designed by Christopher Raeburn. Well, you don’t have to get a Christopher Raeburn but you can buy rain coats in bright colours and stylish prints.

A Christopher Raeburn raincoat (

Wellies and rain boots are must-haves. They not only look super but also protect your feet and bottom wear from mud. Besides they can be cleaned easily.

Rainboots (

Invest in waterproof watches and plastic or metal accessories. No wood and no fabric, you can save all that for later. Did you know you could accessorize with a very stylish umbrella too?

Stylish Monsoon umbrella (

As mentioned earlier, go bright when it comes to colours. Go for fuchsia, blueberry, lime, bright yellow, olive-green and any bright colour that you please. Neon shades and fluorescents will work great too. Have you tried colour blocking yet? Now would be the time to start.

Monsoon is cloudy and gloomy and in Indian streets, pretty dirty. At the same time, Monsoon is the season of rain, the season of romance and rejuvenation. So if you have to protect yourself from the mud and sludge, do it in style. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

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