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Trends in Bottom Wear 2012

If your wardrobe still has just blue jeans as bottom wear, then girl you need a style check! Fashion is ever changing and you’ve got to keep yourself updated if you don’t want to look like you’re from the previous generation. Jeans will always remain our favourite, but it’s time you added a few other stuffs to your closet. Here’s a list..

Palazzo Pants

These are long trousers with extremely wide legs flaring out from the waist. Palazzo pants were very popular in the 40’s and 60’s and came back with a bang on this year’s spring-summer runaways. Be in solid shades or pretty prints, palazzo pants are very comfortable and versatile –they cover up as well as flaunt, as and when the need be.

olive green Palazzo pants (

Cigarette Trousers

Cigarette trousers are body hugging trousers that are often high waisted and cropped at the ankle. Mostly tailored in cotton and elastane, cigarette pants give a sleek look. If you’re blessed with an hourglass shape then this should be on your immediate shopping list.

Cigarette trouser (

Pencil skirts

This slim fitting skirt with narrow cut waist seems to be a hit with the woman of power. Sleek, stylish and classy, pencil skirts accentuate your waistline and pelvis. There maybe variations in length but the perfect size is the one that ends in the knee. Pencil skirts often come with interesting twists like the peplum waist.

Pencil skirt in cool patters (

High waist skirts

These skirts are worn from the mid riff and end in the thigh giving the effect of a short skirt, but more sophisticated by far. Unlike pencil skirts, these flare from the waist. High waisted skirts look extremely classy when paired with cropped jackets.

High waisted skirt (

Pastel jeans

Well I never said you should abandon your jeans did I? Only this time when you stock up on jeans, get a couple of pastel shade ones. Think powder pink or lilac or mint green.

classic jeans in pastel shades (

Boyfriend Shorts

A new hit among the people who like to keep it short –the boyfriend shorts add an androgynous twist to a feminine style. Boyfriend shorts extend till the knee and the cut is very similar to men’s shorts.

Boyfriend shorts in denim (

Cowl trousers

Cowl trousers or Dhoti pants are loose at the top and tighten as they go down. Wear these trousers to incorporate an ethnic element in your look.

White high-waisted cowl trouser (

So now you know what the fashion situation is like. Feel free to share pointers incase we have missed any. Watch this space for more updates on fashion. Let’s keep it stylish ladies!


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Effective Communication in Global Economy

Losses and project delays are terms that the professional world is not stranger to. While these occasions may arise due


to technical glitch or negligence on part of employees, often times they happen due to miscommunication. Effective communication, as we have already discussed in our earlier posts, is of paramount importance in the business world. Especially in today’s global economy where transactions across borders are taking place, a common language for interaction is required. But even with a common language one can get lost while navigating through the global economy world.

It’s essential to understand your international clients. Their customs and culture will vary from yours, they might not be aware of your public holidays and their working hours might be different from yours. It would be helpful to find out your clients’ working schedule and make your schedule known to them as well, so that together you can workout something. Also, they might not be acquainted with your jargon, so make sure to make everything clear from before hand to let the communication proceed uninhibitedly. When dealing with international clients, it is better not to use slang, for they might take it in an unintended sense and get offended. Formality is a safer path.

video conferencing across nations (

Fortunately for us, today’s technological advancements have made unhindered undistorted communication possible. Video conferencing is a common practice today by which not only international colleagues but national ones too prefer to communicate. Foremost example of such technology is Skype that we are all familiar with.

Thus to summarize, for effective global communication, understanding the international clientele is very important as their culture and customs are different from ours. In business, simple and concise language is always a wiser choice than obscure statements that create unnecessary ambiguity.

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Maintaining The Right Work-Life Balance

Wake up at 6, go to work by 10, stay in office till 9, get home and go to sleep. Though it  may sound slightly exaggerated, we can’t deny that our lives have been reduced to the monotony of a rat race. As much as we may hate to admit it, it’s a material world and we are all material people. Don’t agree? When was the last time you actually sat watching it rain outside?

Writer’s Pad endeavors to find ways to help you breathe without slacking off…




Figure out which things are the most important to you in life. Often times we think the most urgent things are the most important ones, but it’s not so. After you have set your priorities, try devoting more time to those things that are important to you.


Time Management– Every Day

Plan out your day the night before, allotting specific slots to all the things that you need to do, which includes spending time with your family as well as pampering yourself a bit.


Time Management- Long Term

Make an Excel spreadsheet for yourself recording all the things you have promised to do in a few months’ time. This includes going for a vacation, going to your child’s function, and other family engagements. This way you’ll know which days you will be unavailable for work and manage your work accordingly.




Exercise is not only good for your body but also for your mind. Even a 15 minutes jog every morning will energize you and rejuvenate you from the previous day’s exertions.


Me Time

Apart from all this, take out some time for something that you love to do, like a hobby. If you love to paint then take out some time for it everyday. It’ll help clear your mind and refresh you.


Have realistic goals

You are a human being and not even the most annoying boss in the world would expect you to do superhuman tasks. So don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. When you do your work, do it religiously and when you don’t, well do that religiously too.


 Take a break

Sometimes when there’s too much of pressure, we all experience ‘mental block’. When this happens, take a break, have some coffee or some chocolate. Or just meditate or listen to some relaxing music or simply stare blankly out of the window for sometime. The same advice counts for anxiety and tension.



Why are you working anyway? To give a happy life to yourself and your family. Now if you stay so immersed in work and never make time for yourself or the relationships you have nurtured all life, the entire purpose will stand defeated. In our world where time is always a precious commodity, probably the perfect work-life-balance is not even possible to achieve. But you can at least set your priorities right and devote time accordingly. After all, it is a short life we have got.

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How To Bag A Freelance Writing Assignment

It is no secret that the internet is the best platform for popularizing businesses. For the purpose of advertisement, business enterprises are on constant lookout for writers who can present their information in a way that would reflect positively on them. Most of  the enterprises prefer freelance writers for such works because freelancers don’t expect hikes or monthly bonuses and get paid for exactly what they do. Freelancers are those who work for different companies at the same time without being permanently attached to any.


With the numerous freelancers from around the world looking for jobs over the web, the freelance job market is extremely competitive. Fret not though, Writer’s Pad is glad to bring you a few tips on how to bag freelance writing assignments.

Stay Updated
Keeping a constant track of freelance writing jobs will help you understand the trend of the market and to be on top of industry news.

Start a Blog
Mentioning the link to your blog on your CV will let your employers get an idea about the variety of subjects you’ve written on, which in turn will convince them in your favour.

Build a Network
Make contacts with other freelance writers. Create a database of big and small enterprises on the Internet and get in touch with people you think might help you get on board. Building a strong network could get you freelance opportunities.

Apply Early
The enterprises get hundreds of applications and it is not possible to go through all of them. To ensure that your application is viewed, apply early.

Prepare Each Application Separately
Every job has its own needs. Customize your cover letter and CV for every job accordingly, highlighting the separate set of skills as and when required.

Lastly, make sure that your CV and sample article is free of errors. As it is the competition is cut-throat, and you don’t want to give the employers reasons for not taking you.

Keep these points in mind and all the best with your freelance writing career!

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Social Media – Time for Businesses to Leverage Their Potential

Publicity is one of the key strategies when it comes to establishing a business. You can have an entire website dedicated to your enterprise but without publicity you cannot expect success. The World Wide Web and its usage has come a long, long way in the past few years. As it stands of now, the social media is possibly the best platform to promote businesses.

What is social media?
Social media is an instrument of communication that not only shares information but also allows interaction which could be as simple as posting comments. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, photo and video sharing websites like YouTube and Flickr and Wikipedia that allows interaction by editing existing articles and posting new ones, all come under the umbrella term of social media.

How does it help in business?
Take the example of Facebook. You create a page and invite likes. Once your friends like it, you ask them to invite more likes, who in turn invite more people and the action continues while your Facebook-like quotient soars high. By the end of it, there are at least a few thousand people who know about your business!

Why social media?
The reason social media is a great platform to promote businesses is because of the numerous people accessing it daily. Regular updates help you to keep in touch with the subscribers.
Social media lets your business reach millions of people
Simply put, on the social media you can advertise, publicize, facilitate feedbacks and improve the services provided by your business enterprise.
On social media, word spreads like wild-fire if you know how to spread it! Use this powerful and effective instrument to propagate your business.

P.S. Writer’s Pad needs some social love too. If you like our work, like us on Facebook or share us on Twitter. We appreciate your love!

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E-Commerce – Fastest Growing Business In India

When was the last time you bought books from a bookstore instead of getting them from Or your handbag from a shop instead of having it shipped from bagskart? Yes, the electronic-media retail pandemic is catching up in India too, and why not, online stores offer a greater variety of merchandise and deliver the order at your doorstep.

Online shopping (

E-commerce refers to the business transactions conducted electronically on the internet. In the past couple of years, India has seen enormous growth in e-commerce which still continues unabated. Forrester, a leading global research and advisory firm reports in their ‘Asia Pacific Online Retail Forecast, 2011 to 2016’ that e-commerce market in India is set to grow at a rate of over 57% within the span of five years.

             The ever increasing popularity of internet retailing can be attributed to the demand and appetite of Indian consumers and the willingness of investors to invest in the media. The push-of-a-button order system of e-commerce seems most convenient for today’s crowd since it saves a lot of time. E-commerce gives a chance to all companies, big or small, to go beyond the geographical boundaries and reach the global market. The 24×7 business transaction rule also escalates sales and profits for the online retailers. For the consumers, e-commerce provides a panorama of things to choose from in the comfort of their homes and the price is often cheaper than the outdoor market. , a popular e-commerce website (

             Sadly enough, this revolutionary trend in commerce is not accessible to the entire country as there are still places which do not have proper unperturbed access to the internet. But that problem is expected to be overcome soon considering the continuous advancement in technology. Besides the exclusively-online stores like Myntra , Urbantouch, Snapdeal, and eBay, other retailers like Shopper’s Stop with outlets around the country are also setting up e-commerce websites because of their popularity. It’s like they say on the new Google chrome advertisement – “the web is what you make of it”, the e-commerce trend is a satisfying and assuring example of mankind’s progress.

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