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10 Must Have Travel Accessories

So you have packed your luggage and think you’re ready to leave the moment your car arrives. But are you? Writer’s Pad brings you a check list of 10 things without which you wouldn’t want to dare to leave for a trip.

1. Cell Phone:
This is a bit obvious and you probably won’t forget to take it but let us remind you of its advantages one more time. Besides being your aid to contact people, your cell phone has an alarm clock, a few personal entertainment features and lots of music, thus allowing you to chuck two or three additional devices.

2. Emergency Mobile Charger:

emergency mobile charger (

If your cell phone is your best travel friend, then the emergency mobile charger should be your guardian angel! It uses standard AAA batteries and usually gives about 40 to 60 minutes of talk time with some four hours of standby time.

3. Travel Towel:
Made of super absorbent material, travel towels dry easily and don’t weigh much whether dry or wet. Besides you can fold it to fit your pocket.

4. Money Belt:
It is not particularly clever to travel with a lot of cash in your wallet, especially in crowded areas. Thus, wearing a money belt underneath your clothes is the safest way. You can also keep your credit cards, passport and important documents like permits in your money belt.

5. Lonely Planet:
The mother of all travel magazines, make sure to carry a copy of Lonely Planet with you.

6. Ziploc Bags:
These can be very handy as they let you pack your things in a sorted, organized manner. Pack your toiletries in one, your camera, charger, etc. in another and so on and so forth. This will help you to find your things quickly and easily.

7. Medication:
A must MUST have! No matter where you’re going, keep a medicine for every common health problem that may arise – headache, fever, nausea, indigestion… everything. Also don’t forget to carry a few band-aids, antiseptic ointments and pain relief spray.


Medicine kit for travelling (



8. Combination Locks:
Combination locks are more convenient than the usual locks since you don’t have to keep track of the keys. Use one on every baggage to prevent pick-pocket.

9. Hand Sanitizer
 A small bottle of hand sanitizer can be very helpful at times. If you have traveled before, then you’ll know what I’m talking about!

10. Swiss Army Knife:

Swiss Army Knife (

For safety, for emergency… the Swiss Army Knife has always been a traveler’s friend. Swiss Army knives come with screw drivers, nail files, knives, corkscrew, scissors….all that you may need in times of emergency. Some newer models also come with USB drives and LED torches.
Along with these, there are two other things that you should never forget to carry – a digital camera and a map. The pictures that you’ll take will last you a lifetime and serve as memories and an unambiguous, detailed map of your destination will help you find your way around the place.

Now you have an entire check list of the things without which your packing cannot be complete. What are you waiting for then? Throw in the things that you missed and Get, Set, Go!


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The best way to travel!

Traveling is no more about rushing through one tourist location to another. It is about learning, understanding and actually living that place. A small list that we can follow which covers almost every aspect of what one would like to see in any city or country that you are visiting is given below..

1.  Do a little research and try to find the old monuments which might not be popular enough to find a place in travel books or journals and yet are fascinating enough.

2. Depending on the duration you are planning to spend there, search local restaurants (or dhabas) which are not so jazzy and serve only the local cuisine.

3. You might be a non-believer, yet it is fascinating to see people moved by faith, going all out to offer themselves to God. The Lotus Temple in New Delhi is one such example. Don’t visit only for its amazing architecture. Get to know more about the Bahai sect which is simplistic, peaceful and non-ritualistic. One can always pick up such traits without compromising on their own religious beliefs.

4. Shopping is an essential part of any trip. Do it wisely and you would be left with enough money to plan another trip soon (unless budget is not a constraint for you)! Refrain from going to shopping malls . Instead, explore and find out the places where locals go to shop. Such places turn out to be more interesting in terms of variety of things on offer and the price tags attached.

5. If you are a nature lover, make it a point to visit local zoos and parks. It’s also a great way to enrich your own garden back home as well as preserving beautiful memories.

6. Check out for lakes/rivers/other water bodies that the town/city might be proud of. They usually are great spots for picnics and break from the usual tourist activities.

7. Check out if the place houses museums – science, arts, railways, aviation, toys, dolls. There even are unconventional museums like – food, ice, etc.

8. Try to take and enjoy the ways locals commute instead of traveling tourist-style in cabs. They add on to your experience and actually help in saving time!

9. If any local festival coincides with your schedule, go for it! There is nothing like submerging yourself in the small pleasures of life which we sometimes overlook in our regular ‘lives’.

10. Check out local therapies like spas or Ayurveda treatments. Each place has its own expertise. Allow yourself to shrug off the stress of city life by indulging in one of such treatments.

Traveling is not a chore. It is an enriching experience. Preserve it through souvenirs, pictures and memories.

Bon voyage!

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