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Choosing the Right Bag

A bag is an ultimate accessory to a woman’s ensemble. A bag is also a woman’s confidante when she is out in the streets. A good style is when fashion and function amalgamate. You may have a parade of bags lined up in your closet, but do you know when to use them? Writer’s Pad brings you a list of five standard types and their functions….


Tote Bag

The term ‘tote’ means ‘to carry’ and that’s exactly what these bags do. Generally made of sturdy canvas or leather materials, totes will hold anything that you throw in them unless overloaded beyond capacity. Totes are mostly unfastened bags, have sturdy parallel handles and a single spacious compartment.

Shoulder bags

As the name suggests, shoulder bags are bags with medium length straps and are hung over the shoulder. These mostly have two to three compartments with one compartment larger than the rest.

Gucci women’s shoulder bag (

Sling bags

Very chic and stylish, a sling bag has a long strap that goes over one shoulder and rests on the chest. These bags are not too big or spacious but are perfect for a girl’s day out.

3 Mad chicks sling bag (

Clutch bags

The quintessential party companion, clutch bags are nifty strapless bags small enough to be carried in hand. Clutch bags have just enough space to hold bare necessities like money, cards and touch-up articles.

Chanel classic quilted clutch bag (

Hand bags

A hand bag is smaller than a shoulder bag but much larger than a clutch. Hand bags are supposed to be carried by the wrist and are best suited for a normal day at office.

Louis Vuitton handbag (

So now you know when confiding in which bag will up the ante of your outfit. Wherever you maybe, a woman always needs some one to watch her back. Your bag is your most faithful friend, and it knows how to keep a secret.


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Trends in Bottom Wear 2012

If your wardrobe still has just blue jeans as bottom wear, then girl you need a style check! Fashion is ever changing and you’ve got to keep yourself updated if you don’t want to look like you’re from the previous generation. Jeans will always remain our favourite, but it’s time you added a few other stuffs to your closet. Here’s a list..

Palazzo Pants

These are long trousers with extremely wide legs flaring out from the waist. Palazzo pants were very popular in the 40’s and 60’s and came back with a bang on this year’s spring-summer runaways. Be in solid shades or pretty prints, palazzo pants are very comfortable and versatile –they cover up as well as flaunt, as and when the need be.

olive green Palazzo pants (

Cigarette Trousers

Cigarette trousers are body hugging trousers that are often high waisted and cropped at the ankle. Mostly tailored in cotton and elastane, cigarette pants give a sleek look. If you’re blessed with an hourglass shape then this should be on your immediate shopping list.

Cigarette trouser (

Pencil skirts

This slim fitting skirt with narrow cut waist seems to be a hit with the woman of power. Sleek, stylish and classy, pencil skirts accentuate your waistline and pelvis. There maybe variations in length but the perfect size is the one that ends in the knee. Pencil skirts often come with interesting twists like the peplum waist.

Pencil skirt in cool patters (

High waist skirts

These skirts are worn from the mid riff and end in the thigh giving the effect of a short skirt, but more sophisticated by far. Unlike pencil skirts, these flare from the waist. High waisted skirts look extremely classy when paired with cropped jackets.

High waisted skirt (

Pastel jeans

Well I never said you should abandon your jeans did I? Only this time when you stock up on jeans, get a couple of pastel shade ones. Think powder pink or lilac or mint green.

classic jeans in pastel shades (

Boyfriend Shorts

A new hit among the people who like to keep it short –the boyfriend shorts add an androgynous twist to a feminine style. Boyfriend shorts extend till the knee and the cut is very similar to men’s shorts.

Boyfriend shorts in denim (

Cowl trousers

Cowl trousers or Dhoti pants are loose at the top and tighten as they go down. Wear these trousers to incorporate an ethnic element in your look.

White high-waisted cowl trouser (

So now you know what the fashion situation is like. Feel free to share pointers incase we have missed any. Watch this space for more updates on fashion. Let’s keep it stylish ladies!

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How to Decorate the Walls of Your Kid’s Room

You’ve chosen the perfect bed, the perfect rug and the perfect furniture for your child’s room. Now comes the fun but very crucial part –wall décor. If you want your child to spend sometime in his room and buy yourself a few minutes to relax, you’ll have to make the room engaging enough for him. Here’s how you can decorate your child’s walls …

Wall paint:

First choose a colour theme for the walls. Think bright and fun. On the psychological level, every colour enhances some characteristic features in us, so choose wisely. Also when it comes to wall paint, check if it is complementing the rest of the furniture, you wouldn’t want things to look out of place.

wall pant (

Wall paper:

Wall paper or mural stickers come in a variety of prints and pattern and kids love them.  They’re usually used for covering entire walls so you don’t have to use wall paint if you’re using wall papers.

mural wall papers (

Wall stickers:

Other than mural stickers, you also get vinyl stickers or wall tattoos which don’t cover the wall entirely but enhance the effect of the wall paint. You can practically create a story on a wall with these.

wall tattoos (

Glow stickers:

This is a really cool wall decal and all kids love them. The stickers use a phosphorescent material that harnesses light and glows in the dark. You can use them along with other wall stickers, so that during the day the walls are all colours and bright and at night they are all shiny and celestial. Your kid will not want to sleep anywhere else!

glow-in-the-dark stickers (

Decorating the walls of a kid’s room has never been easy. Their preferences keep changing. But it’s your child after all and you know you want to give him the best.

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Fashion Trends For Men And Women In Their Thirties

Being in 30’s has its own perks. You have been working for sometime, you have earned respect, you know how the world works and you have evolved. At the same time you’re youthful, you’re fun loving and you are determined to live life. Writer’s Pad brings you a few tips to let that maturity, sophistication and youthfulness of age flow in the way you dress.



You are sophisticated and earning. You’re finally a man! But for most men, by the time they are thirty, they have already settled in a quintessential black and grey corporate look and they refuse to think beyond that. First of all, change that thought. You’re still very young and you’re allowed to bring out that liveliness with some colour.

Office wear

You already know the value of suits. But do you know the value of ties and waistcoats? A silken tie in a complementing shade can add some much needed colour to your black suit. Waistcoats look very smart, hot actually! When it comes to suits, explore colours like navy and cream too. All we say is wear different colours or at least different shades of the same colour, people shouldn’t think you’re wearing the same thing everyday.


Tie adds colour to your black suit (


Waistcoat looks hot! (












Formal occasions

Nothing beats a tuxedo. This apparel can take you from drab to fab in seconds. Every woman would agree that a man looks best in his tux. In formal events, you’ll have to abide by the dress code if there’s one. If not, then play with colours like mint green or periwinkle. Stick to lighter shades for the day and plunge into darkness at night.


mint green tuxedo (

Casual day

You don’t have to slip into baggy daddy jeans. Not yet. Wear sweatshirts, t-shirts, leather jackets…don’t stick polo necks only. Cargos and casual trousers that fit properly are good options. Loose jeans are cool but baggy jeans are not.


Leather jacket for 30’s men (



You’re beautiful, you’re attractive, you’re the PYT! Almost everything will look good on you, so make the fullest of this advantage.


Office Wear:

Pencil skirts, tuxedo jackets or cropped jackets, solid coloured silken tunics, shirts and trousers…. all of this will work. Just don’t forget to accessorize with chic statement necklaces and enviable hand bags.



Office wear for women in 30’s (

Formal events:

Cocktail dresses and saris look very elegant. Short dresses look gorgeous too; just make sure they are not too short. Elegance and class is what you should be focusing on and a short dress that’s too short will mar it all. Again, don’t forget to wear your heels and don’t forget to carry a nice evening clutch.


Cocktail dress for woman in 30’s (


Here, we give you full freedom to wear anything you please. Just don’t try hip hop street fashion, that’s all.


Casual clothes (


Dressing up well is important because it makes good impression and will help you to keep climbing the ladder of success. The best thing about being thirty is that you can actually afford all the beautiful things in the fashion world. So sometimes do pamper yourself with a big label accessory or clothing. It’ll cost a pretty penny, but it will be worth it.

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Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Small spaces have a cozy comfortable charm about them, agreed. But keeping your small space clutter free can be quite challenging. Here are a few storage solutions to help you manage your space:


Edit honestly:

If space management is becoming a problem, then very likely you possess more things than you need. Be honest here and make a list of the items that are collecting dust. Please dispose or donate them because they’re evidently taking up a lot of your valuable space.

Add shelves to your closet to utilize free space (


Add shelves:

Wardrobes and closets often provide more headroom than required. By adding a few extra shelves to your cabinet you’ll be able to utilize this space.


Dual function

A small space demands furniture that is both decorative as well as functional, better still if it can serve a dual purpose. Thus, a sleeper sofa or a chaise is definitely a better choice than an ornate canapé.

Wall cabinet for bathroom storage (


Use the walls

Picture frames aren’t the only things that can be put up on the walls. Invest in wall cabinets to utilize your wall space. You can keep all your pretty looking cutlery and dinner plates there , it will save you some kitchen space.


Box it

Store the small things in little boxes or baskets. For example, you can keep your jewellery and cosmetics in separate boxes to keep your dressing table clutter-free.


Think clever:

All said and done, there’s still some space that can be used. For example, that huge place under the bed is getting wasted.

Use the space under the bed (

So why not raise the bed, turn that space into another cabinet and utilize it? Think about similar places that you can use.





Your little house has more space than you think it does.  Space management will be much easier now, we hope. If you’ve got some more ideas on storage solutions, please feel free to share.

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Ideas For Modern Nursery

Your baby means the world to you and you want to give him/her the best things in the world. Since the nursery will be the place where your baby will spend his/her infanthood, you can start by giving your baby a beautiful nursery. Let Writer’s Pad be your guiding light…

a modern nursery (

The Crib
The crib will be the focal point of the nursery as well as where your child will be spending most of the time. Choose a crib with vertical slats as that will prevent the baby from climbing out of the crib on its own. Do take note of the gaps between the slats, if they are too wide apart your baby’s head may get stuck into it.

Crib Mattresses
A crib mattress, waterproof mattress pad, bumper pads and crib sheets are the essentials that you’ll need to get for the crib. You can also decorate the crib with crib skirts.

Changing table
Place a changing table near the crib so that you don’t have to carry your baby across the room when he/she makes liquid accidents. Place a shelf near the changing table and stock it up with ample diapers, blankets, a couple of sleeping sacks and maybe a nursing pillow. Also, don’t forget to keep a basket near the table for easy diaper disposal.

A Chair
Place a comfortable chair in the room where you can sit and relax and nurse your baby. You can place it near the window if you please.

check-patterned wall paint (

Wall paint
If you’re unaware of your baby’s gender then it’s best to go for neutral colours like cream, beige and pale green, otherwise the quintessential colour for girls is pink while for boys it’s blue. You can try blocks, stripes and other patterns on the wall instead of sticking to plain solid colours.

Your baby will spend most of the time lying on its back, so why not decorate the ceiling too? Paint the ceiling in patterns and hang mobiles above the crib. Some mobiles even play soothing music as they rotate, so buy accordingly.

It’s better to switch off all the lights in the room once the baby is asleep, but you can install dim lights or night lights.


baby mobile (

A few other things that you’ll need are – a toy basket to keep all the toys, a complementing rug for the room, blinds for the window so that your baby gets to sleep peacefully in the morning as well and perhaps a baby monitor.

Well, that’s about it. It’s true that your baby won’t understand if the rug or curtains don’t match the room but colours and visuals always have an effect on babies. By giving your baby a beautiful nursery, you’ll give him/her a beautiful environment to grow up in and which parent doesn’t want that? Besides a pretty nursery room will also keep you in a good mood.

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10 Must Have Travel Accessories

So you have packed your luggage and think you’re ready to leave the moment your car arrives. But are you? Writer’s Pad brings you a check list of 10 things without which you wouldn’t want to dare to leave for a trip.

1. Cell Phone:
This is a bit obvious and you probably won’t forget to take it but let us remind you of its advantages one more time. Besides being your aid to contact people, your cell phone has an alarm clock, a few personal entertainment features and lots of music, thus allowing you to chuck two or three additional devices.

2. Emergency Mobile Charger:

emergency mobile charger (

If your cell phone is your best travel friend, then the emergency mobile charger should be your guardian angel! It uses standard AAA batteries and usually gives about 40 to 60 minutes of talk time with some four hours of standby time.

3. Travel Towel:
Made of super absorbent material, travel towels dry easily and don’t weigh much whether dry or wet. Besides you can fold it to fit your pocket.

4. Money Belt:
It is not particularly clever to travel with a lot of cash in your wallet, especially in crowded areas. Thus, wearing a money belt underneath your clothes is the safest way. You can also keep your credit cards, passport and important documents like permits in your money belt.

5. Lonely Planet:
The mother of all travel magazines, make sure to carry a copy of Lonely Planet with you.

6. Ziploc Bags:
These can be very handy as they let you pack your things in a sorted, organized manner. Pack your toiletries in one, your camera, charger, etc. in another and so on and so forth. This will help you to find your things quickly and easily.

7. Medication:
A must MUST have! No matter where you’re going, keep a medicine for every common health problem that may arise – headache, fever, nausea, indigestion… everything. Also don’t forget to carry a few band-aids, antiseptic ointments and pain relief spray.


Medicine kit for travelling (



8. Combination Locks:
Combination locks are more convenient than the usual locks since you don’t have to keep track of the keys. Use one on every baggage to prevent pick-pocket.

9. Hand Sanitizer
 A small bottle of hand sanitizer can be very helpful at times. If you have traveled before, then you’ll know what I’m talking about!

10. Swiss Army Knife:

Swiss Army Knife (

For safety, for emergency… the Swiss Army Knife has always been a traveler’s friend. Swiss Army knives come with screw drivers, nail files, knives, corkscrew, scissors….all that you may need in times of emergency. Some newer models also come with USB drives and LED torches.
Along with these, there are two other things that you should never forget to carry – a digital camera and a map. The pictures that you’ll take will last you a lifetime and serve as memories and an unambiguous, detailed map of your destination will help you find your way around the place.

Now you have an entire check list of the things without which your packing cannot be complete. What are you waiting for then? Throw in the things that you missed and Get, Set, Go!

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How To Popularize Your Blog

Blogging can be fulfilling as well as rewarding. Some people blog to satiate their passion while some do it as business. To be successful in this business, however you’ll need more than just hard work and consistency.  A blog without traffic is like a tree without fruit. A good traffic and a loyal blog audience is quite essential. Here are a few of the ways by which you can popularize your blog :


Appealing Content
Write on topics that will interest a large number of people. Continuous informative posts will help to build a loyal audience.

Search Engine Optimization
Submit the sitemap of your blog to major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo so that your articles appear in their search results.

Other Blog Links
Add links to other blogs on related topics to your blog and get them to do the same for you. This way their viewers will also be able to view you.

Comment on other blogs and invite them to visit yours. Like this you can build up a strong blogging network.

Appropriate Tags
It is easier for search engines to trace tags . Including appropriate tags in your blog will help get some additional traffic.

Guest Blogging
Another way of sharing audience is by guest blogging.You can post articles on your friends’ blogs and they can do the same for you.

Social Networking Websites
Facebook  and Twitter are easy and free platforms to publicize your blog. Create a fan page and when people join it, they can see regular blog updates from you. When they find an interesting topic, they’ll read. If they like what they see they’ll keep coming bag.
In the blogging world , keeping to yourself will get you nowhere. Sharing is one of the keys to success in this business. So share, comment and spread love and why not start right here right now?

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How To Bag A Freelance Writing Assignment

It is no secret that the internet is the best platform for popularizing businesses. For the purpose of advertisement, business enterprises are on constant lookout for writers who can present their information in a way that would reflect positively on them. Most of  the enterprises prefer freelance writers for such works because freelancers don’t expect hikes or monthly bonuses and get paid for exactly what they do. Freelancers are those who work for different companies at the same time without being permanently attached to any.


With the numerous freelancers from around the world looking for jobs over the web, the freelance job market is extremely competitive. Fret not though, Writer’s Pad is glad to bring you a few tips on how to bag freelance writing assignments.

Stay Updated
Keeping a constant track of freelance writing jobs will help you understand the trend of the market and to be on top of industry news.

Start a Blog
Mentioning the link to your blog on your CV will let your employers get an idea about the variety of subjects you’ve written on, which in turn will convince them in your favour.

Build a Network
Make contacts with other freelance writers. Create a database of big and small enterprises on the Internet and get in touch with people you think might help you get on board. Building a strong network could get you freelance opportunities.

Apply Early
The enterprises get hundreds of applications and it is not possible to go through all of them. To ensure that your application is viewed, apply early.

Prepare Each Application Separately
Every job has its own needs. Customize your cover letter and CV for every job accordingly, highlighting the separate set of skills as and when required.

Lastly, make sure that your CV and sample article is free of errors. As it is the competition is cut-throat, and you don’t want to give the employers reasons for not taking you.

Keep these points in mind and all the best with your freelance writing career!

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