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Fragrance Solutions for Home

Amidst all the huff and puff to make our homes look commendable we often forget about a most essential factor –odour. A divine fragrance can transform even the plainest of houses into a momentary heavenly abode. Read on to find out how you can have a time in heaven even while staying put in your earthly residence.

Scented Candles:

There’s hardly a scent that perfumed candles don’t come in. Starting from exotic musk to yummy strawberry milkshake to refreshing aqua, you only have to name it. Scented candles not only exude good smell but the candle light sets a mood of romance in your room. Does that give you an idea?

Scented candles for home (


Diffusers are electronic devises that disperse essential oils so that the fragrance enters the surrounding air. There are various types –passive diffusers, fan diffusers, mist diffusers and heat diffusers.

Electronic aroma diffusers (

Room Fresheners:

Very similar to body sprays, only this one is meant for your room. These too come in a wide range of fragrances starting from woody to floral and spicy to sensual. However the aroma doesn’t last too long in case of room sprays.


Room fresheners (

Pot Pourri:

Pot pourri is a mixture of dried leaves, flowers and barks of naturally fragrant plants like cinnamon, clove, rosemary, jasmine and rose. The aroma discharged is rather gentle and natural. Potpourri is generally kept in wooden or glass bowls and often adds to the room décor.


a bowl of Potpourri (


Incense sticks or cones are great stuffs to deodorize the house. These are composed of aromatic biotic materials which when burned produce a sweet smelling smoke. However the scent lasts only as long as the material burns.

incense cones ans sticks (

All these substances use fragrance oils or essential oils. So next time when you get a bottle or two, use them in candles and potpourri instead of re-gifting. A fragrant home will not only help you unwind after a long day but will also get your guests to keep coming.


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Table Lamps For Setting Up The Right Mood

The right kind of lighting is essential for setting up the mood of a room. If the lighting is too bright then the room will look stark and if it’s too dim, it’ll look gloomy. Table lamps make your rooms look warm and inviting, especially when used in bedrooms. Fortunately for us, now we have a plethora of designs for table lamps to choose from. Read on to learn about the various types…

Contemporary Table Lamps

If your bedroom is furnished with modern and arty furniture then sleek, contemporary table lamps should be your pick. These lamps are devoid of elaborate carvings but have a futuristic appeal. The shades are plain and essentially utilitarian and the lamp fixtures come in refreshing geometric patterns.

contemporary table lamp (

Traditional Table Lamps

True to its name, traditional table lamps fit perfectly in rooms furnished with traditional wooden and majestic furniture with elaborate designs. The fixture of these lamps show ornate artwork with dexterous carvings and the shades are stylized too.

traditional table lamp (

Transitional Table Lamps

Not too modern yet not too orthodox, transitional table lamps are somewhere in between. Porcelain fixtures and perforated shades fall under this category.

transitional table lamp (

Tiffany Lamps

These lamps have glass shades made with glass designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany’ glass studio and come in beautiful, alluring designs. The fixtures are also elaborately adorned.

Tiffany table lamp (

These are the basic classifications when it comes to table lamps, but as mentioned earlier, there’s a plethora of designs to choose from even under these categories. So get your beau and get the table lamp of your dreams for your room.

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How to Decorate the Walls of Your Kid’s Room

You’ve chosen the perfect bed, the perfect rug and the perfect furniture for your child’s room. Now comes the fun but very crucial part –wall décor. If you want your child to spend sometime in his room and buy yourself a few minutes to relax, you’ll have to make the room engaging enough for him. Here’s how you can decorate your child’s walls …

Wall paint:

First choose a colour theme for the walls. Think bright and fun. On the psychological level, every colour enhances some characteristic features in us, so choose wisely. Also when it comes to wall paint, check if it is complementing the rest of the furniture, you wouldn’t want things to look out of place.

wall pant (

Wall paper:

Wall paper or mural stickers come in a variety of prints and pattern and kids love them.  They’re usually used for covering entire walls so you don’t have to use wall paint if you’re using wall papers.

mural wall papers (

Wall stickers:

Other than mural stickers, you also get vinyl stickers or wall tattoos which don’t cover the wall entirely but enhance the effect of the wall paint. You can practically create a story on a wall with these.

wall tattoos (

Glow stickers:

This is a really cool wall decal and all kids love them. The stickers use a phosphorescent material that harnesses light and glows in the dark. You can use them along with other wall stickers, so that during the day the walls are all colours and bright and at night they are all shiny and celestial. Your kid will not want to sleep anywhere else!

glow-in-the-dark stickers (

Decorating the walls of a kid’s room has never been easy. Their preferences keep changing. But it’s your child after all and you know you want to give him the best.

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Outdoor Furniture and Accessories

There are times when we feel like getting out of the confining comforts of our rooms and spending an hour or two in our garden, in the lap of nature. This is where outdoor furniture comes into play. Since we cannot literally relax in Nature’s lap, we have to seek assistance of certain furniture to maximize our backyard enjoyment. Here’s a list of the outdoor accessories that you should consider for your backyard….

Patio Table and Chairs:           

Having a patio table-chair set will let you enjoy the fruits of nature, in the nature. You can have your food, tea or even play a board or card game on the table while sitting back comfortably on the chair, placed somewhere in the middle of greenery.

Patio table-chair set (


A breezy lazy Sunday is the perfect day to spend in your hammock. There are two types of hammock – one where you need to hang it yourself and another that stands freely. Read a book or listen to a relaxing music, you’d be asleep in the arms of Nature before you know it; such is the magic of a hammock.

A standing garden hammock (

Lounge chair:

If hammock is not your thing then a garden lounge chair is a good option. You can lie back and relax and still be ‘rooted’!

Garden lounge chair (


Swing is childhood favourite for most of us. A small garden swing can be the best way to unwind from the day plus it is sure to be a hit with your family’s little ones.

Bench swing (


This is an essential outdoor accessory, especially if you don’t have a covered porch. A parasol or garden umbrella will provide shade from excessive sun as well as protection from water loaded clouds as and when they appear. It will also create a sheltered area for you to have your food and drinks. Most of the times, parasols come with patio table and chairs.

parasol (

So go on then, accessorize your garden or backyard with these outdoor furniture pieces and you won’t even have to go outside for a dinner date.

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Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Small spaces have a cozy comfortable charm about them, agreed. But keeping your small space clutter free can be quite challenging. Here are a few storage solutions to help you manage your space:


Edit honestly:

If space management is becoming a problem, then very likely you possess more things than you need. Be honest here and make a list of the items that are collecting dust. Please dispose or donate them because they’re evidently taking up a lot of your valuable space.

Add shelves to your closet to utilize free space (


Add shelves:

Wardrobes and closets often provide more headroom than required. By adding a few extra shelves to your cabinet you’ll be able to utilize this space.


Dual function

A small space demands furniture that is both decorative as well as functional, better still if it can serve a dual purpose. Thus, a sleeper sofa or a chaise is definitely a better choice than an ornate canapé.

Wall cabinet for bathroom storage (


Use the walls

Picture frames aren’t the only things that can be put up on the walls. Invest in wall cabinets to utilize your wall space. You can keep all your pretty looking cutlery and dinner plates there , it will save you some kitchen space.


Box it

Store the small things in little boxes or baskets. For example, you can keep your jewellery and cosmetics in separate boxes to keep your dressing table clutter-free.


Think clever:

All said and done, there’s still some space that can be used. For example, that huge place under the bed is getting wasted.

Use the space under the bed (

So why not raise the bed, turn that space into another cabinet and utilize it? Think about similar places that you can use.





Your little house has more space than you think it does.  Space management will be much easier now, we hope. If you’ve got some more ideas on storage solutions, please feel free to share.

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Ideas For Modern Nursery

Your baby means the world to you and you want to give him/her the best things in the world. Since the nursery will be the place where your baby will spend his/her infanthood, you can start by giving your baby a beautiful nursery. Let Writer’s Pad be your guiding light…

a modern nursery (

The Crib
The crib will be the focal point of the nursery as well as where your child will be spending most of the time. Choose a crib with vertical slats as that will prevent the baby from climbing out of the crib on its own. Do take note of the gaps between the slats, if they are too wide apart your baby’s head may get stuck into it.

Crib Mattresses
A crib mattress, waterproof mattress pad, bumper pads and crib sheets are the essentials that you’ll need to get for the crib. You can also decorate the crib with crib skirts.

Changing table
Place a changing table near the crib so that you don’t have to carry your baby across the room when he/she makes liquid accidents. Place a shelf near the changing table and stock it up with ample diapers, blankets, a couple of sleeping sacks and maybe a nursing pillow. Also, don’t forget to keep a basket near the table for easy diaper disposal.

A Chair
Place a comfortable chair in the room where you can sit and relax and nurse your baby. You can place it near the window if you please.

check-patterned wall paint (

Wall paint
If you’re unaware of your baby’s gender then it’s best to go for neutral colours like cream, beige and pale green, otherwise the quintessential colour for girls is pink while for boys it’s blue. You can try blocks, stripes and other patterns on the wall instead of sticking to plain solid colours.

Your baby will spend most of the time lying on its back, so why not decorate the ceiling too? Paint the ceiling in patterns and hang mobiles above the crib. Some mobiles even play soothing music as they rotate, so buy accordingly.

It’s better to switch off all the lights in the room once the baby is asleep, but you can install dim lights or night lights.


baby mobile (

A few other things that you’ll need are – a toy basket to keep all the toys, a complementing rug for the room, blinds for the window so that your baby gets to sleep peacefully in the morning as well and perhaps a baby monitor.

Well, that’s about it. It’s true that your baby won’t understand if the rug or curtains don’t match the room but colours and visuals always have an effect on babies. By giving your baby a beautiful nursery, you’ll give him/her a beautiful environment to grow up in and which parent doesn’t want that? Besides a pretty nursery room will also keep you in a good mood.

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Types Of Couches For Your Interiors

The most important component of a living room décor is the couch or sofa. While purchasing a sofa, it is necessary to consider factors like room space, theme of decorations and colour of the room. But before that, it is important to know the various types of couches available for your interiors.

A Divan is a long couch-like seating resembling a mattress without a rigid backing, flanked with cushions instead. These were found in Persian government chambers or ‘dewan’ from which the name has been derived. A divan is best placed against the wall.

a Divan (

A chaise is an upholstered chair long enough to accommodate one’s legs. In fact chaise in French means ‘long chair’. Chaise itself has three different varities –the Duchesse brisée, which is divided into a chair and a footstool, the Récamier having two raised ends and nothing on the long side and the Méridienne which has a high head rest. These are great for relaxing and look best when placed away from the wall.

a Meridienne Chaise lounge (

Love seat is just what its name suggests! A two- seater furniture,  love-seat was previously made for providing ample space for the fluffy dresses and it was only in the 19th Century that it got its present name. Love-seats can be placed in the living room in addition to a three-seater or something else. You wouldn’t want just two of your guests sitting and the rest standing would you?

Love seat (

The canapé is a three-seater sofa with back and armrests, with elaborately carved wooden embellishments and legs. A canapé looks very elegant and royal and if you want one, make sure the rest of the room looks worthy of it.

Canape (

These have multiple sections connected at angles. A sectional is a very modern and stylish piece especially suited for large rooms to accommodate more than five people.

Sectional couch (

Sleeper Sofa
Sofa by day and bed by night, sleeper sofas are perfect for small apartments. If you’re living with roommates then a sleeper sofa is just what you need.

Sleeper Sofa (

Before buying a couch figure out its intended purpose. If it is for the bed room, opt for a love-seat. If it’s an office lobby probably a sectional would be more appropriate. Also take into consideration the fabric. If you have pets, you would possibly want a durable fabric.

All said and done, your interiors reflect your personal taste. So go ahead and get the couch that defines you best.

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Organizing Cocktail Party At Home

– Avinanda Paul

A cocktail party is a great way to entertain guests ranging from intimate friends to business associates. The parties are comparatively less expensive yet glamorous and easy to plan. Here are a few tips to help you organize a successful and happening cocktail party …

A cocktail party invitation card (

Send out the invites about 2-3 weeks before the party so that people can adjust their schedule accordingly.

Set up an easily accessible bar and manage space for free movement. Install small food stations and drop tables for discarded glasses. To set the ambiance, play soft music and use dim lights or candle lights. A theme based party can add to the wow-factor!

San Francisco, Chocolate Martini and Cosmopolitan are party hits. Along with mixed drinks, have bottles of wine and champagne ready. Arrange mocktails for teetotalers.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail (

Prepare at least 5-6 varieties with both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food on the menu. Pan-fried baby corn, crostini with varied toppings, caviar and grilled meat are all-time favourite Hors D’oeuvres.

Have a nausea and headache medicines handy. Manage guests who cannot handle alcohol very well. If the party is to go on till late night, arrange for transportation for guests who don’t have car with them.

A party is successful if the host has as much fun as the guests. So dress up nice, feel good and be confident. Remember to have ample supply of ice, drinks, food, cocktail glasses and napkins. Lastly, remember to enjoy!

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