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Effective Communication in Global Economy

Losses and project delays are terms that the professional world is not stranger to. While these occasions may arise due


to technical glitch or negligence on part of employees, often times they happen due to miscommunication. Effective communication, as we have already discussed in our earlier posts, is of paramount importance in the business world. Especially in today’s global economy where transactions across borders are taking place, a common language for interaction is required. But even with a common language one can get lost while navigating through the global economy world.

It’s essential to understand your international clients. Their customs and culture will vary from yours, they might not be aware of your public holidays and their working hours might be different from yours. It would be helpful to find out your clients’ working schedule and make your schedule known to them as well, so that together you can workout something. Also, they might not be acquainted with your jargon, so make sure to make everything clear from before hand to let the communication proceed uninhibitedly. When dealing with international clients, it is better not to use slang, for they might take it in an unintended sense and get offended. Formality is a safer path.

video conferencing across nations (

Fortunately for us, today’s technological advancements have made unhindered undistorted communication possible. Video conferencing is a common practice today by which not only international colleagues but national ones too prefer to communicate. Foremost example of such technology is Skype that we are all familiar with.

Thus to summarize, for effective global communication, understanding the international clientele is very important as their culture and customs are different from ours. In business, simple and concise language is always a wiser choice than obscure statements that create unnecessary ambiguity.


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How To Popularize Your Blog

Blogging can be fulfilling as well as rewarding. Some people blog to satiate their passion while some do it as business. To be successful in this business, however you’ll need more than just hard work and consistency.  A blog without traffic is like a tree without fruit. A good traffic and a loyal blog audience is quite essential. Here are a few of the ways by which you can popularize your blog :


Appealing Content
Write on topics that will interest a large number of people. Continuous informative posts will help to build a loyal audience.

Search Engine Optimization
Submit the sitemap of your blog to major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo so that your articles appear in their search results.

Other Blog Links
Add links to other blogs on related topics to your blog and get them to do the same for you. This way their viewers will also be able to view you.

Comment on other blogs and invite them to visit yours. Like this you can build up a strong blogging network.

Appropriate Tags
It is easier for search engines to trace tags . Including appropriate tags in your blog will help get some additional traffic.

Guest Blogging
Another way of sharing audience is by guest blogging.You can post articles on your friends’ blogs and they can do the same for you.

Social Networking Websites
Facebook  and Twitter are easy and free platforms to publicize your blog. Create a fan page and when people join it, they can see regular blog updates from you. When they find an interesting topic, they’ll read. If they like what they see they’ll keep coming bag.
In the blogging world , keeping to yourself will get you nowhere. Sharing is one of the keys to success in this business. So share, comment and spread love and why not start right here right now?

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Key Features of a Business Writing Website

– Avinanda Paul

Effective communication is instrumental to success. With the increasing popularity of the internet as a launch pad for business, there’s an increasing demand for content writers who can promote the hiring company. For such purpose, Business Writing Websites provide skillful writers. A business writing website must have certain key features that would assure potential clients of the efficiency of its services. The best way to identify these features is by putting oneself in the position of a customer.

Visual Appeal
Human brain judges everything by its external appearance. Even in the case of a website, a neat yet impressive page design is important to grab and hold attention of the visitors.

Easy Navigation
Users should find it easy to navigate through the website. In a world where every second matters, if you had to waste your precious time on a website because of its faulty organization, would you ever want to do business with it?

Meaningful Content
The content of the website should be brief, concise and purposeful. No customer would like to hire writers from a company that itself has an obscure web-content.

Lucid Language
The language of the content must be free of grammatical and spelling errors, for these imply indifference. The language should be simple and the audience should not feel that their vocabulary is being tested. If you were a page visitor, wouldn’t you like the website to have flawless language that is easily understandable?

Essential Pages
Three pages that are essential for any business website are the About page, the Work page and the Contact page. About page would give the customer an idea about your company and its work. Next, you would want to encourage clients to do business with you. For this, previous works can be enlisted in the Work page. If you happen to impress them but don’t have a proper contact page, customers would not waste another minute in trying to figure out how to get in touch with you.

The trick in business is, to convince without sounding pushy. A business writing website unlike other business websites can prove its efficiency in the little web space given to it. Every inch of the website must bring out the efficiency of its services. With user friendly appearance and organization of meaningful, error free content the business writing website can win over clients smoothly.

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Communication Challenges faced by Indian Companies

Communication is the backbone of any company. Irrespective of sectors, most companies have started taking notice of communication as a silent yet important factor in the success of internal as well as external operations. Here are some of the problems that companies typically face with respect to internal and external communication.

1. Collaboration with people from other regions/nations :
Indian companies are no longer standalone units, thus requiring a close collaboration between Indian and their foreign counterparts.

2. Language barrier:
Language forms a barrier between people. This is addressed by using English as a means of communication. But, varied accents and pronunciation still makes it difficult for people to convey their thoughts effectively.

3. Hierarchy in organizations:
Usually a well-defined hierarchy in Indian companies makes communication a complex phenomenon.

4. Lack of Infrastructure:
Infrastructure plays an important role in establishing communication channels. But many Indian companies have not yet reached the awareness and maturity level required to understand the importance of investing in good communication tools.

5. Lack of soft skills:
The real challenge comes in form of the human behavior, which may aid or hamper the communication process.

6. Inefficient informal communication channel:
The employees should strive to develop better interpersonal relationships at work in order to make communication more effective and flow of information much smoother.

7. Documentation or lack of it:
The lack of documentation can hamper effective communication. This leads to confusion and lack of clarity about roles, decisions and expectations from employees.

8. Distance factor:
E-mails are the fastest and most efficient way to convey and document information across distances. However, using it in lieu of an informal verbal exchange makes it unprofessional.

9. Laid-back Attitude:
Another problem that Indian companies face is the laid-back attitude of employees in responding back to the written communication. This renders the entire process of requesting information useless.

10. Complex and difficult:
There is a tendency of people going overboard with writing ‘properly’.  Good communication is simple to understand, is clear and conveys the purpose effectively.

Training programs, globalization and the responsibilities that come with it are resulting in slow but steady improvement in workplace communication. There still are many challenges, but it is only a matter of time before we overcome them.

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Writer’s Pad – The One Stop Solution For Content Writing

Writer’s Pad aims at being the largest and high quality content providers in India. We have a skilled team of writers and editors who can write, re-write, re-package content according to the clients requirements. They are specialized on wide range of subjects like fashion, food, travel, decor, business, environment, policies etc.

Features of our services:

  • We tailor-made the content to suit client requirements
  • We deliver customized, SEO optimized content
  • Deliver with-in agreed time-lines at competitive prices

Our Services:

  • Article Writing / Blogs
  • Technical Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Content Editing
  • Newsletter Writing
  • Product Descriptions
  • Press Releases

Just share your ideas with us, the kind of content you want to produce, for which audience,  and we will produce that will increase the popularity of your publication, like never before.

So go ahead and outsource your work to us for a definite quality result! Reach us at 

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Most companies do not prefer to create and manage large volumes of content by themselves since such requirements call for specialized skills and might be the one-off instances. Instead of investing exclusively on the required skills and associated resources, you can try our content management service. We assure you the product which meets quality standards and time based deadlines.

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How to Write a Business Letter That Gets Results

How to Write a Business Letter That Gets Results.

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Freelance Writing

Writing is not easy. It needs thorough knowledge, expertise and above all the flair of language skills. Looking for freelance writers? Looking for outsourcing your writing assignments? Contact Writer’s Pad 



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