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Myths Of Time Management

Time management is one of the most commonly used term in people and resource management. Though supposed to be easily understood and widely used, time management is still a vague concept for many and risks being misinterpreted. Let us look at some of the common misconceptions about time management.

1. Packing everything in.
It is not humanely possible to finish all possible tasks in the given time just by working a little more harder. One has to recognize and acknowledge the limitations and capabilities and set targets accordingly.

2. Working for longer hours.
Working long hours is actually proven to be counter-productive in most of the cases. Often we find employees staying back in office for extended hours and then turning up late the next day. Lack of balance in work and personal life, longer working hours leads to increased stress and exhaustion.

3. Hurrying up
Hurrying up to finish tasks may turn out to be a more expensive deal than taking your time and finishing the tasks with due care and diligence. There are more chances of errors popping up and time being consumed to correct them.

Time management needs to be learned and practiced in order to yield results. Staying clear of these misconceptions and understanding the underlying principles would help you in being organized and meeting deadlines with success.


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How to Write Great Blog Content

How to Write Great Blog Content : @ProBlogger.


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Welcome To The One Stop Solution For Content Writing

Putting Pieces Together

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Organizing Cocktail Party At Home

– Avinanda Paul

A cocktail party is a great way to entertain guests ranging from intimate friends to business associates. The parties are comparatively less expensive yet glamorous and easy to plan. Here are a few tips to help you organize a successful and happening cocktail party …

A cocktail party invitation card (styleathome.com)

Send out the invites about 2-3 weeks before the party so that people can adjust their schedule accordingly.

Set up an easily accessible bar and manage space for free movement. Install small food stations and drop tables for discarded glasses. To set the ambiance, play soft music and use dim lights or candle lights. A theme based party can add to the wow-factor!

San Francisco, Chocolate Martini and Cosmopolitan are party hits. Along with mixed drinks, have bottles of wine and champagne ready. Arrange mocktails for teetotalers.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail (styleandlipstick.wordpress.com)

Prepare at least 5-6 varieties with both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food on the menu. Pan-fried baby corn, crostini with varied toppings, caviar and grilled meat are all-time favourite Hors D’oeuvres.

Have a nausea and headache medicines handy. Manage guests who cannot handle alcohol very well. If the party is to go on till late night, arrange for transportation for guests who don’t have car with them.

A party is successful if the host has as much fun as the guests. So dress up nice, feel good and be confident. Remember to have ample supply of ice, drinks, food, cocktail glasses and napkins. Lastly, remember to enjoy!

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Key Features of a Business Writing Website

– Avinanda Paul

Effective communication is instrumental to success. With the increasing popularity of the internet as a launch pad for business, there’s an increasing demand for content writers who can promote the hiring company. For such purpose, Business Writing Websites provide skillful writers. A business writing website must have certain key features that would assure potential clients of the efficiency of its services. The best way to identify these features is by putting oneself in the position of a customer.

Visual Appeal
Human brain judges everything by its external appearance. Even in the case of a website, a neat yet impressive page design is important to grab and hold attention of the visitors.

Easy Navigation
Users should find it easy to navigate through the website. In a world where every second matters, if you had to waste your precious time on a website because of its faulty organization, would you ever want to do business with it?

Meaningful Content
The content of the website should be brief, concise and purposeful. No customer would like to hire writers from a company that itself has an obscure web-content.

Lucid Language
The language of the content must be free of grammatical and spelling errors, for these imply indifference. The language should be simple and the audience should not feel that their vocabulary is being tested. If you were a page visitor, wouldn’t you like the website to have flawless language that is easily understandable?

Essential Pages
Three pages that are essential for any business website are the About page, the Work page and the Contact page. About page would give the customer an idea about your company and its work. Next, you would want to encourage clients to do business with you. For this, previous works can be enlisted in the Work page. If you happen to impress them but don’t have a proper contact page, customers would not waste another minute in trying to figure out how to get in touch with you.

The trick in business is, to convince without sounding pushy. A business writing website unlike other business websites can prove its efficiency in the little web space given to it. Every inch of the website must bring out the efficiency of its services. With user friendly appearance and organization of meaningful, error free content the business writing website can win over clients smoothly.

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Communication Challenges faced by Indian Companies

Communication is the backbone of any company. Irrespective of sectors, most companies have started taking notice of communication as a silent yet important factor in the success of internal as well as external operations. Here are some of the problems that companies typically face with respect to internal and external communication.

1. Collaboration with people from other regions/nations :
Indian companies are no longer standalone units, thus requiring a close collaboration between Indian and their foreign counterparts.

2. Language barrier:
Language forms a barrier between people. This is addressed by using English as a means of communication. But, varied accents and pronunciation still makes it difficult for people to convey their thoughts effectively.

3. Hierarchy in organizations:
Usually a well-defined hierarchy in Indian companies makes communication a complex phenomenon.

4. Lack of Infrastructure:
Infrastructure plays an important role in establishing communication channels. But many Indian companies have not yet reached the awareness and maturity level required to understand the importance of investing in good communication tools.

5. Lack of soft skills:
The real challenge comes in form of the human behavior, which may aid or hamper the communication process.

6. Inefficient informal communication channel:
The employees should strive to develop better interpersonal relationships at work in order to make communication more effective and flow of information much smoother.

7. Documentation or lack of it:
The lack of documentation can hamper effective communication. This leads to confusion and lack of clarity about roles, decisions and expectations from employees.

8. Distance factor:
E-mails are the fastest and most efficient way to convey and document information across distances. However, using it in lieu of an informal verbal exchange makes it unprofessional.

9. Laid-back Attitude:
Another problem that Indian companies face is the laid-back attitude of employees in responding back to the written communication. This renders the entire process of requesting information useless.

10. Complex and difficult:
There is a tendency of people going overboard with writing ‘properly’.  Good communication is simple to understand, is clear and conveys the purpose effectively.

Training programs, globalization and the responsibilities that come with it are resulting in slow but steady improvement in workplace communication. There still are many challenges, but it is only a matter of time before we overcome them.

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The best way to travel!

Traveling is no more about rushing through one tourist location to another. It is about learning, understanding and actually living that place. A small list that we can follow which covers almost every aspect of what one would like to see in any city or country that you are visiting is given below..

1.  Do a little research and try to find the old monuments which might not be popular enough to find a place in travel books or journals and yet are fascinating enough.

2. Depending on the duration you are planning to spend there, search local restaurants (or dhabas) which are not so jazzy and serve only the local cuisine.

3. You might be a non-believer, yet it is fascinating to see people moved by faith, going all out to offer themselves to God. The Lotus Temple in New Delhi is one such example. Don’t visit only for its amazing architecture. Get to know more about the Bahai sect which is simplistic, peaceful and non-ritualistic. One can always pick up such traits without compromising on their own religious beliefs.

4. Shopping is an essential part of any trip. Do it wisely and you would be left with enough money to plan another trip soon (unless budget is not a constraint for you)! Refrain from going to shopping malls . Instead, explore and find out the places where locals go to shop. Such places turn out to be more interesting in terms of variety of things on offer and the price tags attached.

5. If you are a nature lover, make it a point to visit local zoos and parks. It’s also a great way to enrich your own garden back home as well as preserving beautiful memories.

6. Check out for lakes/rivers/other water bodies that the town/city might be proud of. They usually are great spots for picnics and break from the usual tourist activities.

7. Check out if the place houses museums – science, arts, railways, aviation, toys, dolls. There even are unconventional museums like – food, ice, etc.

8. Try to take and enjoy the ways locals commute instead of traveling tourist-style in cabs. They add on to your experience and actually help in saving time!

9. If any local festival coincides with your schedule, go for it! There is nothing like submerging yourself in the small pleasures of life which we sometimes overlook in our regular ‘lives’.

10. Check out local therapies like spas or Ayurveda treatments. Each place has its own expertise. Allow yourself to shrug off the stress of city life by indulging in one of such treatments.

Traveling is not a chore. It is an enriching experience. Preserve it through souvenirs, pictures and memories.

Bon voyage!

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Writer’s Pad – The One Stop Solution For Content Writing

Writer’s Pad aims at being the largest and high quality content providers in India. We have a skilled team of writers and editors who can write, re-write, re-package content according to the clients requirements. They are specialized on wide range of subjects like fashion, food, travel, decor, business, environment, policies etc.

Features of our services:

  • We tailor-made the content to suit client requirements
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  • Deliver with-in agreed time-lines at competitive prices

Our Services:

  • Article Writing / Blogs
  • Technical Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Content Editing
  • Newsletter Writing
  • Product Descriptions
  • Press Releases

Just share your ideas with us, the kind of content you want to produce, for which audience,  and we will produce that will increase the popularity of your publication, like never before.

So go ahead and outsource your work to us for a definite quality result! Reach us at writerspad@yahoo.com. 

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Top 10 Bestseller Books In India 2012

Top 10 Bestseller Books In India 2012.

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Most companies do not prefer to create and manage large volumes of content by themselves since such requirements call for specialized skills and might be the one-off instances. Instead of investing exclusively on the required skills and associated resources, you can try our content management service. We assure you the product which meets quality standards and time based deadlines.

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