Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Small spaces have a cozy comfortable charm about them, agreed. But keeping your small space clutter free can be quite challenging. Here are a few storage solutions to help you manage your space:


Edit honestly:

If space management is becoming a problem, then very likely you possess more things than you need. Be honest here and make a list of the items that are collecting dust. Please dispose or donate them because they’re evidently taking up a lot of your valuable space.

Add shelves to your closet to utilize free space (


Add shelves:

Wardrobes and closets often provide more headroom than required. By adding a few extra shelves to your cabinet you’ll be able to utilize this space.


Dual function

A small space demands furniture that is both decorative as well as functional, better still if it can serve a dual purpose. Thus, a sleeper sofa or a chaise is definitely a better choice than an ornate canapé.

Wall cabinet for bathroom storage (


Use the walls

Picture frames aren’t the only things that can be put up on the walls. Invest in wall cabinets to utilize your wall space. You can keep all your pretty looking cutlery and dinner plates there , it will save you some kitchen space.


Box it

Store the small things in little boxes or baskets. For example, you can keep your jewellery and cosmetics in separate boxes to keep your dressing table clutter-free.


Think clever:

All said and done, there’s still some space that can be used. For example, that huge place under the bed is getting wasted.

Use the space under the bed (

So why not raise the bed, turn that space into another cabinet and utilize it? Think about similar places that you can use.





Your little house has more space than you think it does.  Space management will be much easier now, we hope. If you’ve got some more ideas on storage solutions, please feel free to share.


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