How To Child-Proof Your Home

Who doesn’t love children? The rejuvenating sound of their laughter, their innocent eyes, their invincible energy and desire to explore…. your child gets you going through the entire day.  But this very energy and adventurousness that seem to add years to your existence can be hazardous to your child. The first step to protect your children from the many dangers lurking around your house is by childproofing your house. Let Writer’s Pad tell you how…

Childproofing cabinets with locks (

In the Kitchen:

Install locks or safety latches in all the cabinets. A lot of spices that we use can be potentially dangerous to your child, for example the red chilly powder that you love adding to your food. Keep the stove burners locked and keep kitchenware and appliances out of your child’s reach.




In the Bathroom:

Again, lock or install safety latches in all the cabinets. Keep the toilet lids closed to prevent your child from falling into it. Make sure the bathroom floor is always dry to prevent your child from slipping.


Around the house:

Safety caps for plugs (

If you stay in a two storied house, install safety gates in the staircase. Always keep appliances like iron or hair dryer unplugged. Do not give your child toys that have small movable parts that he or she might feel like putting into the mouth. Install safety caps into plugs that are never used. When it comes to sharp things like knives, blades and scissors, just keep them out of sight!




It is important to understand however that it is not possible to childproof the house completely. Therefore try not to leave your child unattended, for constant supervision is the only way to ensure your child’s safety.


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