Types Of Couches For Your Interiors

The most important component of a living room décor is the couch or sofa. While purchasing a sofa, it is necessary to consider factors like room space, theme of decorations and colour of the room. But before that, it is important to know the various types of couches available for your interiors.

Divan                                                  https://writerspadandcorner.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=454&action=edit
A Divan is a long couch-like seating resembling a mattress without a rigid backing, flanked with cushions instead. These were found in Persian government chambers or ‘dewan’ from which the name has been derived. A divan is best placed against the wall.

a Divan (taringa.net)

A chaise is an upholstered chair long enough to accommodate one’s legs. In fact chaise in French means ‘long chair’. Chaise itself has three different varities –the Duchesse brisée, which is divided into a chair and a footstool, the Récamier having two raised ends and nothing on the long side and the Méridienne which has a high head rest. These are great for relaxing and look best when placed away from the wall.

a Meridienne Chaise lounge (a1-furniture.co.uk)

Love seat is just what its name suggests! A two- seater furniture,  love-seat was previously made for providing ample space for the fluffy dresses and it was only in the 19th Century that it got its present name. Love-seats can be placed in the living room in addition to a three-seater or something else. You wouldn’t want just two of your guests sitting and the rest standing would you?

Love seat (italianiafiji.net)

The canapé is a three-seater sofa with back and armrests, with elaborately carved wooden embellishments and legs. A canapé looks very elegant and royal and if you want one, make sure the rest of the room looks worthy of it.

Canape (rubylane.com)

These have multiple sections connected at angles. A sectional is a very modern and stylish piece especially suited for large rooms to accommodate more than five people.

Sectional couch (shangrilachina.com)

Sleeper Sofa
Sofa by day and bed by night, sleeper sofas are perfect for small apartments. If you’re living with roommates then a sleeper sofa is just what you need.

Sleeper Sofa (bestsleepersofa.org)

Before buying a couch figure out its intended purpose. If it is for the bed room, opt for a love-seat. If it’s an office lobby probably a sectional would be more appropriate. Also take into consideration the fabric. If you have pets, you would possibly want a durable fabric.

All said and done, your interiors reflect your personal taste. So go ahead and get the couch that defines you best.


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