Top 5 Tips For Budding Writers

William Wordsworth said, “Writing is a deeply immersive experience. When the words are flying, the house could be burgled and I wouldn’t notice. ….writing is a way of escaping the quotidian.”  Writing is much more than a series of ornamental words arranged in a sentence. It is how a writer expresses the finer details of his emotions. This post is dedicated to those young budding writers who are as passionate about writing as we are…


Some are born with a flair for writing while some grow a passion for it in the course of their lives. However writing is an art perfected by practice. Writer’s Pad brings you tips on how to master this art:

1: Read a lot
Reading the works of great writers not only inspires but also educates you in the field. It’ll increase your vocabulary and perfect your grammar. Remember, the more you read the more you learn.

2. Write a lot
As mentioned earlier, practice makes one perfect. So write a lot. Write about a variety of things to sharpen your skills and broaden your horizon.

3. Word Control
Every word carries a different sense and a writer is expected to understand that. Do not go overboard with descriptive words and keep the writing style fluid. Which one would you like better, a writing that flows effortlessly or one that hurls words at you ostentatiously?

 4. Engaging readers
While writing a story, do not reveal information through narrative explanations and let it unfold gradually and organically instead. An element of conflict always interests people, so throw obstacles in the way of your protagonist.
While writing other articles, back every point with example or reason instead of making them sound like aphorisms.

5. Publish on the internet
In order to receive honest feedback, publish your compositions on a public forum or an on-line writer’s forum. This will also facilitate meeting of ideas and minds of strangers sharing the common passion for writing. Besides, you can learn from other’s works.

Writing can be both fulfilling and rewarding. Certain things nourish your existence and refine your being. The art of writing is one of those. Nurture your talent so that it never fails you. So why not start with Writer’s Pad today?


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