Communication Challenges faced by Indian Companies

Communication is the backbone of any company. Irrespective of sectors, most companies have started taking notice of communication as a silent yet important factor in the success of internal as well as external operations. Here are some of the problems that companies typically face with respect to internal and external communication.

1. Collaboration with people from other regions/nations :
Indian companies are no longer standalone units, thus requiring a close collaboration between Indian and their foreign counterparts.

2. Language barrier:
Language forms a barrier between people. This is addressed by using English as a means of communication. But, varied accents and pronunciation still makes it difficult for people to convey their thoughts effectively.

3. Hierarchy in organizations:
Usually a well-defined hierarchy in Indian companies makes communication a complex phenomenon.

4. Lack of Infrastructure:
Infrastructure plays an important role in establishing communication channels. But many Indian companies have not yet reached the awareness and maturity level required to understand the importance of investing in good communication tools.

5. Lack of soft skills:
The real challenge comes in form of the human behavior, which may aid or hamper the communication process.

6. Inefficient informal communication channel:
The employees should strive to develop better interpersonal relationships at work in order to make communication more effective and flow of information much smoother.

7. Documentation or lack of it:
The lack of documentation can hamper effective communication. This leads to confusion and lack of clarity about roles, decisions and expectations from employees.

8. Distance factor:
E-mails are the fastest and most efficient way to convey and document information across distances. However, using it in lieu of an informal verbal exchange makes it unprofessional.

9. Laid-back Attitude:
Another problem that Indian companies face is the laid-back attitude of employees in responding back to the written communication. This renders the entire process of requesting information useless.

10. Complex and difficult:
There is a tendency of people going overboard with writing ‘properly’.  Good communication is simple to understand, is clear and conveys the purpose effectively.

Training programs, globalization and the responsibilities that come with it are resulting in slow but steady improvement in workplace communication. There still are many challenges, but it is only a matter of time before we overcome them.


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